Bmw n52 vanos solenoid

The BMW Vanos system was implemented in many BMW models starting in the early s, in order to give BMW cars the ability to variably adjust valve timing, which translates to better power and range. The BMW Vanos system is similar to the variable valve timing mechanism that is found in Honda vehicles. Essentially, the Vanos system helps engine timing adjust so that your vehicle can deliver both low-end torque and high-end power, rather than having to settle for one option or the other.

The Vanos system that you likely have in your BMW uses oil pressure to control the position of the intake and exhaust camshafts using a gear on the Vanos actuator and on the camshaft. A long coil of wire wrapped several times, called a solenoid, controls the amount of oil pressure that is applied.

By doing this, the solenoid controls the movement of the camshaft gear outward or inward, effectively controlling the timing of the valves. Some symptoms that can indicate that your BMW is having trouble with the Vanos system include:. Like all parts of a vehicle, general wear and tear occur over the miles. The Vanos system within your BMW uses seals throughout its construction.

As a result, the seals experience wear over time and are typically in need of replacement around 50, miles. Around this time, come into AutoScope to see one of our experienced BMW mechanics for repair and service. Unfortunately, fixing the Vanos system is not commonly done by the vehicle owner itself since the repair is typically quite difficult and requires experience and access to a variety of tools.

When you visit AutoScope, you gain access to the expert knowledge of the specific inner workings of European vehicles. Schedule your appointment at AutoScope today! Contact us online here. Give us a call: Some symptoms that can indicate that your BMW is having trouble with the Vanos system include: Loss of horsepower and torque Slow reaction to pressing the gas pedal Slow cold starts Limp mode or problems with the car computer after acceleration Decreased driveability Rattling noises or rough idling Inconsistent idling Poor fuel economy General Maintenance for BMW Vanos Systems Like all parts of a vehicle, general wear and tear occur over the miles.

How Vanos System Problems Can Be Fixed Unfortunately, fixing the Vanos system is not commonly done by the vehicle owner itself since the repair is typically quite difficult and requires experience and access to a variety of tools.

BMW Vanos System: Problems, Symptoms, and Repairs

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bmw n52 vanos solenoid

Why Katie Loves Autoscope. Our New Plano Showroom.The N52 was predominately found in the E90 i, i and i, and the E60 i and i models, as well as various others such as the i, X1, and Z4 to name a few. The N52 was produced from up until when it was replaced by the turbocharged N20 engine. It is the successor to the M54 which was used in various E36, E39 and E46 models.

Given the long production history, BMW was able to perfect many aspects of the engine over the production lifetime. The engine even won top 10 best engines in both and However, the N52 still has its fair share of common reliability problems. We also wrote an N54 engine problems guide you can read to compare the two! These are the most common engine problems, outside of these problems the car is very reliable and problem free.

However, I will mention one other common, non-engine related issue is the window regulators. This results in the affected window not being to roll up or down. Replacement cost is approx. The VANOS solenoids are responsible for controlling how much oil flows to the cam gears, which in turn controls the opening and closing of the valves. Failing VANOS solenoids will result in a loss of power, poor idling, bad fuel economy, trouble starting, and the occasional limp mode.

These solenoids commonly fail every 70, miles or so. We recommend replacing them at this interval as they are likely having a negative affect on performance, although you may not know it yet. The 2A82 and 2A87 codes are for the intake and exhaust solenoids.

The solenoids are exactly the same, so you just need to purchase 2 of part to replace these.

BMW Vanos Solenoids DIY!

It is most prevalent during cold weather or on short trips. The ticking noise is caused by the hydraulic valve adjusters, also known as lifters, not getting enough oil to function properly. This is only prevalent in and earlier models. The designs of the lifters and cylinder head was changed in December of which fixed this issue. Most of the time bleeding the lifters is a temporary fix that may work a few times in a row until a more permanent solution is needed. The permanent solution is to replace the lifters and the cylinder head with the newly designed post parts.

The electric water pumps are made out of plastic, which over time normally begins cracking and corroding.

VANOS Camshaft Solenoid, BMW - E82 E90 E92 E60 F10 E83 E70 E85 E89

The bearings and impellers are also common parts that fail within the water pump. Water pumps usually fail around the 80k mile mark.

We recommend getting a new water pump that has a metal impeller, since we see the impeller being a common cause of failure. Thermostat failure can sometimes be mistaken as water pump failure and vice versa. This is because the water pump and thermostat work in tandem to control engine temperatures.

When it opens, it forces the hot engine coolant into the radiator to be cooled off, and the water pump pushes the colder coolant from the radiator to the engine. Thermostats can fail in either of two positions: opened or closed.

Failing closed means the car is not cycling cold coolant into the engine, resulting in extremely quick overheating, and potential serious engine damage from running at such high temps. N52 thermostats are built to fail in the open position. Failing in the open position is the most desirable option, as it is the least harmful to the engine. The thermostat commonly fails along with the water pump. With the thermostat being relative cheap, we recommend replacing it while replacing the water pump as it will save some costs on labor compared to replacing them separately.

Like the N54, the N52 engine is plagued by the same common valve cover leakage.However, for tuning purposes it is important to at least be able to identify VANOS problems, and know how to fix them as a faulty solenoid can cause a major loss of horsepower. The system variably adjusts the timing of the valves by changing the position of the camshaft relative to the drive gear. In simpler terms, it adjusts the camshaft for the intake and exhaust valves, allowing for smoother idling, more torque, and a more elastic powerband.

In addition to this, the vanos solenoids control the flow of oil to the cam gears, which is what allows the timing to adjust. Dirty, clogged, or improperly functioning vanos solenoids will have a significant impact on horsepower, performance, and overall drive-ability. The first inclusion of Vanos was in the BMW M50 engine that was used in the 5-Series and only adjusted the position of the intake camshaft.

Double Vanos was introduced four years later in in the S50 engine and featured continuous variability of the intake and exhaust valves, rather than only the intake valve like the single vanos had done. Understanding the Vanos system and the technical and mechanical ideology behind it is a headache and filled with jargon that only advanced mechanics and ECU tuners need to understand. These are only a few fault codes for the Vanos system, other codes could also indicate a failing Vanos system.

Although there are various symptoms caused by a failing Vanos system, sometimes they are not noticeable at all until the system has just about completely gone bad. Certain engines are good at hiding any symptoms and you may not realize your Vanos has gone bad. Here are a few key mileage points we note:. But we recommend replacing the seals and the whole system around 70k miles if not earlier.

We consider it preventative maintenance and you will notice a difference in the performance and smoothness of your ride. As we mentioned prior, having clogged or dirty vanos solenoids can result in poor oil flow to the cams, and therefore poor timing. The good news is: you can remove and clean your vanos solenoids, and it is relatively easy.

Cleaning your Vanos solenoids is a minute DIY and can be completed by novice tuners. Do you mean in regards to the Check Engine Light codes still showing up? Once you clear them, which you can do with a simple OBD scanner or JB4 then the codes should go away for good.

Will take a minute or two only. Thanks for the very informative article Jake. Jake that was very helpful thank you. I am considering buying a BMW i Coup which has 93, miles. The interior is exceptionally clean and there is a few paint chips gravel likely caused on the front nose. It is automatic with manual shift available. It is owned by a used car dealer with more than 30 years in the auto business.The crankshaft was responsible for spinning gears which spins the cams which controls timing.

Because of this, you were limited to either low end torque or high end power, but it was very difficult to design a crankshaft that provided both. So tuners would frequently upgrade their crankshaft to provide the performance they are looking for, on the street or on the track. Variable valve timing is the solution to this problem, and just about every manufacturer has their own technology for it. Variable valve timing allows for timing adjustments to be made electronically and automatically, instead of manually by hand like they had to do back in the day.

The end result is a smoother power bank, torque on the low end without comprising power on the high end, and overall just better driveability, smoother idling, etc. The Vanos system uses oil pressure to control the position of the intake and exhaust camshafts. The system uses a gear on the Vanos actuator and a gear on the camshaft. A solenoid then controls the amount of oil pressure being applied which controls the movement of the cam gear outward or inward, effectively controlling the timing of the valves.

This gear slides inwards and outwards to control timing. When the car is at idle, the gear is fully inward or retracted, and it will begin to slide outward as throttle is given. As you accelerate, the Vanos solenoid begins to close off, which causes the gear to slide outwards. Here is a picture of how that works:. Instead, lets focus on which cars use which system, and what the engine fault codes are for each. On the single Vanos system, the intake camshaft timing is the only timing that is variable.

This system does not adjust the exhaust camshaft. The single vanos systems opens the intake camshaft late at low engine speeds to ensure smooth idling and performance. As engine speed increases, the valves open further resulting in increased torque and improved driveability.

Think of this as cruising speed. When you put your foot to the floor, the intake valves fully open, resulting in more power and higher performance. If you are experiencing rough idling you can unplug the electrical connector on the Vanos actuator solenoid. If you continue to experience rough idling after unplugging this connection, then it is likely a faulty Vanos actuator.

The only fix here is to rebuild the Vanos actuators using a rebuild kit or to replace the full unit. The dual Vanos system controls the valves on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. The camshafts are controlled by Vanos Solenoids. The benefit to controlling the exhaust camshaft is improved emissions, aka less emissions, along with a quicker engine warm up time. The intake camshaft works the same as the single Vanos and opens up as more throttle is given.

The dual Vanos is the system used on the infamous N54, and is very prone to failure in these engines.Here is our do-it-yourself guide on how to replace your BMW N54 vanos solenoids when they fail not if. For a quick recap, the vanos system is responsible for opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. Bad solenoids will result in poor performance, rough idling, limp mode, loss of power, inability to accelerate…. If you are unsure if your vanos solenoids are failing, you can read our guide on how to diagnose failing vanos solenoids here.

Both parts are identical, so just order two from one of the links below:. Start by removing the engine cowl and filter panel. If you are unsure how to do this, you can take a look at the JB4 install guide out on the internet. We will work on a YouTube video for this and get it posted here once done. NOTE: wait at least 30 minutes after you last ran your engine as the area where the solenoids are is extremely hot!

Wait longer than 30 minutes if you gave it a long drive prior to doing the install. Remove the engine cover if you have an N54, if you have an N52 then you can ignore this step. There are 4 screws to remove, which you should be able to see in the picture below. Removing the intake snorkel will require a Torx T tool. Remove the 2 screws shown in pictures 2 and 3 below and the snorkel should pull right out. The first picture is what your engine should look like with the cowl and engine cover removed.

The vanos solenoids are located right where the brown rag is in the picture — right underneath where the left side of the snorkel used to be. Here is an up-close picture of the solenoids location.

This is just to make it easier to see. Each vanos solenoid has a connector wire attached to it. You will need to remove both of them — to do so push down on the silver clip pictured below while pulling out. The connector in the pictures is for the intake solenoid. The intake connector cable goes to the left, and the exhaust cable goes downwards — this is how you can easily remember when you are reinstalling. Here is the silver clip that needs to be pressed down to remove the connector wires.

Make sure you push this down and then release when you are reconnecting them later on the ensure it is fully connected. To remove the solenoid you will first need to remove the retaining screw that is attached to the solenoid.

It pulls out while the whole solenoid. The solenoid should pop out. Some people recommend replacing one solenoid at a time.

bmw n52 vanos solenoid

If you have one solenoid out it is possible to drop the screw from the other solenoid into the open hole. You would then have a metal screw in the casing of your camshaft.

Once you have the solenoids out you should have a pretty easy time wrapping up the DIY. To save any confusion, here are the steps:. I was led here while looking up info on my N52K motor X5. Is it the same process as shown here? I was quickly scolded on the Bimmerfest forums that I got ripped off.For example, no longer content to be just experts in manufacturing products designed elsewhere, Asian universities are now focusing on creating innovators.

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bmw n52 vanos solenoid

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BMW VANOS Solenoid Replacement DIY – BMW N54 Engine

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The 7 Most Common BMW N52 Engine Problems

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bmw n52 vanos solenoid

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