Hand saw storage till

As many of you will know, one of my primary focuses at the moment is workshop organisation. As part of this I am looking to get my tools off of shelves and out of packed drawers and onto the walls where needed. It was one of the first examples of hand tool wall storage I came across over a year ago when I was researching good ideas for hanging tools on the wall. I also knew that the saw till would be one of the pivotal items on the wall. This is not because my saws are the most important or most used tools, but because of the fact that the vast majority of my tools will be fixed using individual smaller fixings than a large saw till.

One of the first tasks before me was to get an idea of how many saws I wanted to keep in the till:. This is not a problem as I had planned on using some of them as practice for restoration and sharpening. With an idea of how many saws I wanted in the till 10 saws plus 2 Japanese saws I could work out the width that I wanted the saw till to be. Then working from my longest saw, I could come up with the height needed. I wanted to add a shelf under the till to either keep as a shelf or to used to house drawers at a later date.

As this stands, it can accommodate all but two of my saws, the two largest saws, one of which is the Disston saw I purchased in an auction a post on this will follow this week.

Saw & Plane Till

In order to accommodate these saws, the holder needs to sit closer to the front of the saw till. Giving each of the saws a more pronounced tilt and secure them more thoroughly in the blade holder pieces. As you can see, I am using the bottom shelf to store some hand planes. It is just large enough for me to be able to fit my No 5 1. I will add a drawer or several to this shelf at a later date, but for now it is keeping my planes nice and secure. This project actually had another significance for me, it is the first time I have cut dovetails.

I know that for many this will be as nothing, but for me it is a bit of a milestone and I am happy with how they turned out. As you will have seen in the video, I used the Veritas dovetails marker pitch and this worked great.

Hi Alistair, try the Paul Sellers dovetail marker. Also, thanks for the plans. Last night I downloaded your plan and started it.By jettback50February 24, in General Woodworking Talk. Saw Till to house several hand saws and specialty saws.

This is made with many kinds of reclamed lumber. Flaws, nail holes, and weathering marks are still apparent and add to the character of the piece. All of the surfaces were hand-scraped then coated with a Danish Oil finish.

You can even see burn marks left in the wood. The shelves have been made out of old table center sections. The bottom shelf has a great crackle-ice finish. All of the edges were hand planed using some of the vintage planes on the bottom shelf. Still room for expansion but the over all size was determined by the size of the reclaimed lumber stock and the length of the current saws to be stored. The case is extremely strong and square without the use of any metal fasteners.

The shelves use pocket screws to attach to the front and rear rails because nobody wants to see plywood edges. This is my first attempt at a project like this and I am very happy about how it turned out. It is attached to the wall using a Freedom cleat system, basiclly the American version of the shop wall hanging system that Marc uses.

Shop furniture are always useful for trying out new techniques - and there's nothing better than using the tools that will eventually be housed in the cabinet. Good job, and I agree that using 'lived in' wood adds character for 'user' tools of a certain age. French or Freedom - that's a hell of a cleat you used - just how much do your tools weigh? I think the wall will fail first You can post now and register later.

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Sign In Sign Up.The handsaw storage rack shown at left saves space by storing saws upright. The handles fit on pieces of wood the same shape as the hole in the handle. The blocks are mounted to a holder that slides in grooves cut in the top and bottom of the box.

Cut the parts of the box to size, then equip your table saw with a Vi-inch dado blade. To accommodate the outside saw holderscut Vi-inch-deep grooves 2lA inches from each end of the top and bottom. Saw another groove on each piece centered between the first two for the third saw holder.

Screw the top and bottom to the sides, then tack the back in place. Trace the outline of the hole in each saw handle on a block of wood and cut out the piece. Glue and screw it to the saw holder, then screw a pivoting piece of wood to the top of the block to serve as a turnbuckle that will keep the saw in place when it is being stored. Use a saber saw or a band saw to cut handles in the holders to make it easier to slide the saws in and out of the box.

Place them at staggered heights so they do not Interfere with each other. The dimensions shown will make a box that can hold saw three saws. Build a wall-mounted rack for handsaws with a few wood scraps, doweling, and some rubber hose. Cut the base from Vb-inch plywood and the dividers from 4-by-4 stock; the dividers should be 10 inches long.

Cut a taper at the end of each 4-by-4, as shown at right. Screw a 2-by-4 along one edge of the base, then screw the dividers in place, leaving a Vfe-inch gap between them. The stoppers are cut from 4-inch lengths of Vfe-inch dowel and slightly larger rubber hose; use hose with ridges rather than smooth garden hose. Slip a saw into the rack from below, then tug down on the handle. The stopper will pinch the blade in place. Mark the dowel's position and screw it to the base.

Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home? Woodworking can be a fun, yet dangerous experience if not performed properly. In The Art of Woodworking Beginners Guide, we will show you how to choose everything from saws to hand tools and how to use them properly to avoid ending up in the ER.

Get My Free Ebook. Wood Working Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home?We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Studley tool cabinet — the Sistine Chapel of tool cabinets. Yes, his tool chest is a work of art and all that, but more importantly, it hangs on the wall. I can see at a glance where my tools are and I find my access is easier.

This saw and plane till is open for easy access, but with a few modifications you could put doors on it to keep out humidity or co-workers. Tod needed tool storage, and I needed fodder for an article. This till holds 21 saws, the Stanley bench planes from No.

hand saw storage till

It has four drawers to store parts and sharpening equipment, saw sets, files and the like. I hang my saw vise from a nail in the side. You can build just the saw till or the plane till, or combine them as we did.

hand saw storage till

Feel free to make it wider or narrower as your needs dictate. You can also omit the drawers. Blog: If you must store saws in a chest, this is how to do it. Plan: Download a free SketchUp Model of this project.

From the August issue, By Article Index. Article Indexarticle index Mike Siemsen. All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Start typing and press Enter to search.Backsaws are like rabbits the furry kindthey multiply fast. And when placed on a pegboard, they take up a lot of space. They are short on dimensions. So to answer these questions for myself, I built a prototype. In other words, he made all his mistakes on it and looked flawless when he built the one for the program.

Dimensioning the till In order to meet my criteria, I started doing some math. I was able to save one slot by using it to dock my Dozoki saw, but that still leaves one obvious slot to mock me every time I look at it. What was I thinking? I forgot to take the thickness of the dowel supports into account.

To increase the structural strength of the supports, I placed them on the inside bottoms of the carcass. So I should have accounted for their thickness too. Maybe this diagram will help you understand what I mean.

BUILD: Hammer Rack

I ballparked the till height by measuring the lengths of my backsaws. This was the dimension I used on the prototype and it worked well enough to carry over to the good-wood till design.

What should the top-rail spacing between the saw plate slots be? Make it too wide and I squander valuable space to hang fewer saws. Too narrow and my hand would bump into adjacent saws when removing one. Keep in mind that the spacing is measured from slot centerline to slot centerline. So the effective space when I reach for a saw will be two times that. I could retrieve and replace saws without touching anything. The next variable is the slot width itself. What is the optimal dimension?

Make it too thin, and I suffer frustration at having to line up the plate perfectly every time to seat it. Finally, there was the lean angle, meaning, how far out does the dowel need to be from the stiles to ensure that a docked saw would not tip backward?We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links.

However, this does not impact our recommendations. Four backsaws two dovetail saws, a tenon saw and carcase saw will go in a shorter saw till at the top left front corner.

hand saw storage till

So easy, in fact, that I had time for a little shop fun when I was done fitting the inserts on which the handles hang. First, I surfaced my lumber to the exact thickness of the handles the two were, naturally, different thicknesses. Then, I simply simply ran a pencil around the insides of the handles to trace the shapes onto the stock.

After cutting them out on the band saw, the spindle sander made quick work of removing the saw marks and smoothing the curves of the inserts. The toe end of the saw slides into a narrow U-shaped piece, before the handle is slipped over the insert. So what keeps the handles from slipping off the inserts when the lid is closed? Toggles — and that was my fun for the day.

Go ahead and scoff; they make me smile. Before cutting the tiny kitties on the band saw, I made sure the machine was running in tip-top shape and I used a very narrow blade and lots of caution. Since my shop cats frequently inspect my work, I think a set of cat toggles would be perfect for my chest, when it gets built. It looks like the panel saws are only supported at the handle and the tip. Ok the one on the left looks like a dress without the spaghetti straps and the one on the right looks like a pair of boots with a broken heel.

Was this post meant to be a psychology experiment? Kitties…Only because hearts make lousy toggles? Need to inlay little whiskers and cat eyes — THAT would be special. By Megan Fitzpatrick. In Shop BlogWoodworking Blogs. Megan Fitzpatrick. MikeyD May 14, I hate cats. Clay Dowling January 30, A Simonds and a 16 … Very nice, Megan. No names? By the way, gigs have owners, but cats have staff. Nice toggles. Just curious, what is the weight of this tool chest fully loaded? Bill January 28, Those toggles are great.

Anarchist kitties!! Love it! Little cat toggles. Jonathan Szczepanski January 27, All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Start typing and press Enter to search. Thoughts about Krenov-style wooden planes American Woodworker Blog.Since I have been building my stable of Hand Saws, I have many vintage saws and have bought new saws as well.

My first new handsaw was purchased in ; a Lie-Nielsen dovetail saw, it was the start of a saw habit that still lingers with me today.

hand saw storage till

At that time I thought it was a good idea to have different colored handles to differentiate the rip saws and the crosscut saws. I shared this with my followers on Instagram and many thought it was an excellent idea so I am sharing here.

On Storing Handsaws and Backsaws

But how could I differentiate the 12X from the 8X? With the different Handle types I can a quick glance pick the saw needed, and looking into the saw till is easy on the eyes! What are the dimensions of your till? Oh, and I am using dovetails, using your Saddle-tail, Great tool. May have to get a ST2. Sorry for the delay in reply, your message was in the spam box. Let me know if you have more questions. I will be happy to fill your order for a I love the consistency in the LN saw handles.

Even over the years, their handles are spot on. Gotta love that attention to detail! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Bookmark the permalink. June 4, at pm. Chris Kuehn says:. June 15, at am. Mitch, Sorry for the delay in reply, your message was in the spam box.

I will be happy to fill your order for a Best regards, Chris. Jason says:.

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